E M I L Y . L

Printed Textile Designer


Original wall furnishings & fabrics hand painted in gouache by Emily Laura Carney & digitally printed on to high quality paper/fabric.

This series is inspired from Emilys travels into the deep Sri Lankan rainforests, the Australian hinterland & the wild flower dunes of Northumberland. The collection delves into the extensive plant life & jungle creatures witnessed & encountered up close.

Emilys attention to detail is captured in her fine brushstrokes which are teeming with life & vibrancy. Drawing not only from what she sees visually her paintings give a feeling of the essence of nature - Sensing the swaths of warm air, the light shining through the leaves, & the soothing songs of wildlife. This invites the viewer to experience the holistic nature of the luscious environment we all benefit from.

This Natures Essence Collection caters for internal spaces, which wish to dream the jungle into homes, cafes & the office.

We feel our launching home furnishing series is ornate, radiant, & most vitally... soothing to the soul.

Bring your home to life....Jungle Style!


Relaxing in the Dusk Savannah

Relaxing in the Dusk Savannah